The sun sets on downtown Seattle on Friday, October 27, 2017, shown from Harbor Ave. Southwest.
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  • Seattle on a rainy day, including the Space Needle, in November 2014.

    December 13th | Who gets to live in Seattle?

    Randy Shaw, Director of the Tenderloin Housing Clinic in San Francisco, says single-family homeowners are at least partially to blame for an increasingly unaffordable city. Also, poet and educator Quenton Baker gives us a preview of his first installation at the Frye Museum. And we get advice on how to answer your boss, when she or he asks you, "How was your weekend?"

  • December 12th | Runaway robots

    Do we still have control of our technology? A new initiative attempts to take greater control of our health. How will Jay Inslee’s proposal for mental health services help those in need? What can New York learn about Amazon from us? And in a week and a half, EMTs might go on strike.

  • One of the books on Bill Gates' five faves of 2018 suggests pushing your thoughts away like clouds - an appropriate PNW activity.

    December 11th | Hey, Seattle: Bill Gates wants you to push the clouds away

    Will 10 minutes of daily meditation change your life? We talk you through Jay Inslee’s climate proposals, and through the drama at today’s White House meeting over border wall funding. The XFL is coming to town, and some local schools are not getting passing grades when it comes to cafeteria inspections.

  • Okay but did you? Really?

    December 10th | When voter fraud comes to call

    The voter fraud in North Carolina came not at the ballot box, but at the front door. As a vote by mail state, are we vulnerable too? When is online harassment free speech, and when does it cross the line? Is there a way to connect our young people with their elders? And should you watch Hallmark Christmas movies, or try to resist the schmaltzy tractor beam?

  • Gentrifiers, says Reagan Jackson, have a very predictable color palette.

    December 6th | On the front line of gentrification in Seattle’s South End

    Rainier Beach is gentrifying faster than you can paint a house grey and move in with your dog. What are the solutions? Speaking of which, could solutions journalism help restore America’s trust in the media? And a performance artist’s work stays sharp from the 90s to today.

  • Gaming addiction is real. Here's how to spot it

    Possibly the most addictive game on the planet right now is "Fortnite." More than 200 million people play it – and some of them can’t stop. Hilarie Cash is the chief clinical officer of the reSTART clinic, which treats people for the disorder. We interviewed her about how a love of gaming can lead to something worse. Here are some highlights.