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'We have to forgive' - the story of one person left behind

caption: A person sits alone in a field.
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A person sits alone in a field.

The Biden administration is gradually reuniting families separated at the Mexico border under President Trump. For author Judy Temes, the scene feels familiar. She tells Bill Radke about that, and her new memoir "Girl Left Behind." Plus, how the pandemic has shaped one college student's career plans, and the trials and triumphs of pandemic dating.

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Judy Temes on her new memoir, "Girl Left Behind"

Judy Temes was a five year old living in Hungary when her family left the country without her gambling that one day they would be reunited. She wrote about the experience in her new memoir "Girl Left Behind". Bill Radke spoke to her about the experience, and her thoughts on the current US administration's push for family reunification.

How college students are considering post-graduation, and post-pandemic, jobs

"What are you gonna do with your degree?" Or "what's your dream job?" are questions every young person is very familiar with. But how have the answers changed after facing a global pandemic? University of Washington junior Deb Kwon wrote about just that in UW Daily, and explains to host Bill Radke how her own post-college plans have changed.

How do you date again?

Getting back into the dating game can be rough for anyone. But getting back into it after a year in a global pandemic is a whole other ball game. Jenna Bean Veatch spoke to Bill Radke about what pandemic, and post pandemic, dating looks like. She also spoke about her upcoming event - the "Not Creepy Gathering For People Who Want to Fall in Love."

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