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Brandi Fullwood

Senior Producer, Soundside


Brandi Fullwood is a senior producer for KUOW’s midday show Soundside. She joined KUOW in 2019 as a producer on The Record and was promoted to her current position in 2021. She has produced a range of stories from dinosaur experts to misinformation in the 2020 election. They’ve also produced and reported pieces for other KUOW programs like Seattle Now.

Previously, she worked for The World a co-production of the BBC World Service. She focused on tech, culture, and environment stories. Brandi also led a collaborative project for The World and Smithsonian Folkways. She created pieces and reported on music, culture, and communities like this and this and this.

Brandi has written, produced for NPR Music, Noisey Music, and reported for the New Haven Independent. She grew a love for radio through Middlebury College radio station’s WRMC 91.1 FM.

Location: Seattle

Languages: English


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    Seattle Now

    Seattle food banks are doing the most

    Seattle food banks are giving it all they got these days. In addition to hot meals some spots are stocking the shelves with fresh produce, and connecting people with services like a new driver's license! All of this comes at a high price with soaring demand and inflation. KUOW reporter Ruby De Luna will join us today to tell us more. You can find Ruby De Luna story here on And, we want to hear from you! Follow us on Instagram @SeattleNowPod, or leave us feedback online:

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    Seattle Now

    The voter formerly known as 'Soccer Mom'

    White suburban women are one of the key groups of voters who will decide this midterm election. Traditionally, it’s a demographic that’s hard to pin down. And this year, inflation and abortion are shifting the votes, making it hard for candidates to tell who’s got the vote. UW assistant teaching professor and political consultant Cathy Allen will give us some insight.

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    Seattle Now

    Casual Friday with Katie Campbell and Hannah Weinberger

    This week Halloween costumes got a little meta sometimes deviating in the hyper specific, Rep. Pramila Jayapal accidentally hit send on a letter to President Biden, and we’re staying up late…. at the 24 hour pottery studio. We’re breaking down the week with Crosscut’s Hannah Weinberger and KUOW’s Katie Campbell

  • A single tree and a river in a foggy weather
    KUOW Shorts

    The Ghost In The River + Chloe Loves Horror

    Our final episode is a two-parter. First, a story from RadioActive about a ghost that lives in the river surrounding a small village in north India. Then, KUOW’s Katy Sewall talks with 3-year-old and then 13-year-old Chloe and her dad, who love horror movies and watch them together.

  • Cruise Ship Staterooms Hallway
    KUOW Shorts

    Ghosts Like Vacation Too

    A 19-year old takes her travel industry job seriously, and doesn’t party with the rest of her team when they go on vacation research trips. But an early bedtime leads to an unusual visitation in the 19-year old’s Alaskan cruise ship cabin… particularly since she doesn’t believe in ghosts.

  • An old rocking chair illuminated by light ray at dark attic
    KUOW Shorts

    K-Boo-O-W: But ... they’re my children

    Once upon a time, there was a group of local ghost hunters called AGHOST - Amateur Ghost Hunters of Seattle-Tacoma. Radio producer Jake Warga went along with the group one creepy night. Terrifying hijinks ensue.

  • A bride's ghost in the night forest
    KUOW Shorts

    K-Boo-O-W: Eleanor

    A delivery of old clothing shows up at a dinner theater in Virginia, including an old wedding dress. The costume designer makes the dress a centerpiece of the play they’re doing, but the original owner of the dress doesn’t like that.

  • caption: The U-District house with the secret room, just before it was torn down for condos
    KUOW Shorts

    K-Boo-O-W: The Secret Room

    A UW college student discovers a secret, boarded-up room in his U District rental house and is overcome with the urge to get into the room. The house fights back

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    Seattle Now

    Commuters beware: traffic ahead!

    Oof! Traffic in the Seattle area... You can’t get over it, you can’t go through it, and sometimes you can’t even get around it. The push to revive the city comes with unpredictable traffic jams. Mark Hallenbeck, the director of the Washington State Transportation Center is here today to help us navigate the congestion.

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    Seattle Now

    Free Narcan vending machines in Pierce County

    The rural town of Orting is getting its first Narcan vending machine. That’s a drug used to reverse an overdose and those machines are becoming increasingly more common--most first responders carry it. We’ll talk with the Recovery Cafe’s Rena Thompson about how these vending machines fit into a landscape of recovery, accessibility and support.