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Brandi Fullwood

Senior Producer, Soundside


Brandi Fullwood is a senior producer for KUOW’s midday show Soundside. She joined KUOW in 2019 as a producer on The Record and was promoted to her current position in 2021. She has produced a range of stories from dinosaur experts to misinformation in the 2020 election. They’ve also produced and reported pieces for other KUOW programs like Seattle Now.

Previously, she worked for The World a co-production of the BBC World Service. She focused on tech, culture, and environment stories. Brandi also led a collaborative project for The World and Smithsonian Folkways. She created pieces and reported on music, culture, and communities like this and this and this.

Brandi has written, produced for NPR Music, Noisey Music, and reported for the New Haven Independent. She grew a love for radio through Middlebury College radio station’s WRMC 91.1 FM.

Location: Seattle