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KUOW is a community–funded public radio station that relies on the financial support of individual and business members. Over 92 percent of KUOW's revenue comes from the generous contributions of individuals, businesses and corporations in our community. KUOW has earned a 4-star rating from Charity Navigator every year since 2011.

Contact Membership // 206.221.2501 or 866.677.5869 //

Contact Business Support // 206.685.5869 //

KUOW Puget Sound Public Radio, P.O. Box 84148, Seattle, WA 98124–5448

Privacy is important to KUOW. Read our donor privacy policy.

  • Become a Member

    Every year, thousands of our listeners take that important step to become a KUOW member. Our members are part of a special community of supporters who value independent journalism and innovative storytelling.

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  • Business Support

    Raise awareness with this region's most desirable audience — educated and discerning consumers, potential donors and community leaders.

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  • Evergreen

    Our Evergreen members make ongoing, monthly contributions to KUOW. Their reliable support helps keep your favorite programs on-the air every day.

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  • Donate Your Car

    You can turn your old vehicle into great public radio! It’s easy to donate your used car, truck, or boat to KUOW.  

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  • Gifts of Stock

    A gift of appreciated securities is one of the most effective means of supporting KUOW while receiving income tax advantages.

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  • Leave a Legacy

    Gifts to support KUOW in the future should be planned with careful consideration of your long-term financial objectives, current financial circumstances, age, estate plan and your charitable goals.

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  • IRA Charitable Gifts

    Name the station as a beneficiary of your IRA or by making a qualified charitable distribution from your IRA during your lifetime.

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  • Wills and Trusts

    Make one of the most meaningful legacies you can provide by designating KUOW as a beneficiary of your will or trust.

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  • Life Income Gifts

    Design a plan that pays you or your loved ones income for life and also supports KUOW.

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