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Host Bill Radke leads in-depth conversations about what matters today in Seattle and beyond.

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  • caption: Smoke from an approaching wildfire looms over a home near Twisp, Wash., Aug. 19, 2015.

    September 3rd | Your quarantine could always be worse

    Point Roberts is entirely cut off from the rest of America right now. Wildfires are burning across the West. The city works to decrease traffic fatalities, and we catch up with a virologist for an update on the virus.

  • caption: An apartment building on Seattle's Capitol Hill in February

    September 2nd | Apartment for rent, all not encouraged to apply

    A new UW study looked at how language has been used in ads for rental housing. Excessive overtime pay for SPD officers. Nia-Amina Minor on creating social change through art. And the spread of misinformation on everything from coronavirus to the Black Lives Matter movement.

  • caption: Alison Bruzek on a team trip to the Seattle Selfie Museum in late February - where, true to form, she kept all of us safe by aggressively sanitizing everything around her as the pandemic closed in on Seattle.

    So long, Bruzek the Bruiser

    When it comes to The Record's fearless, outgoing Senior Producer Alison Bruzek: you think you know, but you have no idea. So we told you.

  • caption: Vanna White has been a presenter on Wheel of Fortune for nearly 40 years.

    September 1 | Would you like to buy a vowel?

    Pat and Vanna (metaphorically) come to town. This week’s talk with the King County Executive. Why controlled burns might be the way forward to stave off wildfire. And a teary but fond farewell to The Record’s leading lady, Supervising Producer Alison Bruzek.

  • caption: Last week's WNBA and NBA strikes revived the debate over whether or not athletes should just play the game.

    August 31: Shut up and dribble no more

    What the historic professional basketball protests say about athletes’ role in public life. Protests in Portland turn deadly. Refusing to engage with racial reconciliation on white supremacy’s terms. And there are two new Wonderland Trail recordholders in town.

  • caption: A file photo of an internet pole in Brittany, France.

    August 26th | How do we get internet access for all?

    Connecting the city of Seattle as remote schooling starts. What Seattle City Councilor Alex Pedersen thinks about SPD. How a stopped ferry is hurting the Port Angeles economy. And the man who will help us release the Kraken.

  • caption: The kraken illustrated on the 1954 movie poster for Jules Verne's 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.

    Release the Kraken!

    The tentacles waving, the roar of the crowd, a goal – for the Seattle Kraken!

  • caption: A particularly salty illustration of this titan of the deep.

    August 25th | Defending free speech for all

    Another thread in the ongoing conversation about free speech. This week’s chat with the county executive. And a look at the origins of THE KRAKENNN.