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  • Ross Reynolds, Rachel La Corte, Angela King, and Knute Berger.
    Week In Review

    Live from Olympia, it's Week in Review!

    Ross Reynolds reviews the week's news, live from the Capitol Theater in Olympia! With Rachel La Corte, reporter with the Associated Press, Knute Berger, editor-at-large at Crosscut, and Angela King, KUOW's Morning Edition anchor.

  • Bill Radke, Zaki Barak Hamid, Brandi Kruse, and Charles Mudede at the Edmonds Center for the Arts.
    Week In Review

    Live from Edmonds, it's Week in Review!

    Bill Radke reviews the week's news with Zaki Barak Hamid, KUOW's director of community engagement, Brandi Kruse, correspondent for Q13 News, and Charles Mudede, staff writer for The Stranger.

  • Thick plumes of smoke billow across the landscape from the West Fork Complex fire, burning in southwestern Colorado near Pagosa Springs in June 2013. This photo was taken by astronauts aboard the International Space Station during Expedition 36.
    The Record

    How to talk to a flat-earther

    When Lee McIntyre first showed up at the Flat Earth International Conference, he put his badge on and kept his mouth shut. The mood he said was celebratory. After all, many flat-earthers, as they’re called, are radicalized over online videos and don’t have a lot of opportunities to meet up with people of like minds.