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Bill Radke



Bill hosts The Record and Week In Review.

After starting with KUOW as a University of Washington student in 1985, Bill was KUOW's morning host in the '90s and the creator of the past show Rewind, a news-satire show heard on KUOW and nationwide on NPR.

Bill moved away to Southern California to host American Public Media's Weekend America and Marketplace Morning Report. He returned to KUOW in 2012.


  • Aww, this seal is just resting on the beach!
    The Record

    May 12th | This Pacific Northwest center is helping injured and stranded marine life

    Slow down--not every seal pup needs your help! Some seals are just plump, happy and resting. But how can you help the others? We hear from SR3, a new center that's striving to provide care for injured and sick marine life, about what you can do to help! Then, moving through the world both invisible and hypervisible is a difficult reality for Black women, including author Reagan Jackson. Also, what should happen when the Mayor's texts are deleted? And, The Oregon Trail gets a revamp, no more bow and arrows or other inaccurate depictions of Native Americans.

  • caption: The underside of adult sunflower sea stars, feeding on mussels. More than two dozen adult sunflower stars make up a breeding colony at the University of Washington’s Friday Harbor Laboratories on San Juan Island, where researchers are rearing sea stars in captivity in collaboration with The Nature Conservancy. The species was recently listed as critically endangered, the first such listing for any starfish species worldwide.
    The Record

    May 6th | Hope springs eternal for the endangered sunflower sea star

    Researchers in the San Juan Islands have successfully matured a brood of captive sunflower sea stars, which became critically endangered after a 2013 plague killed 90 percent of the giant ocean creatures. Also, we discuss the need to combat racism and diversify outdoor recreation. Lastly, our weekly conversation with Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan.

  • caption: On May 4, 2021, Governor Jay Inslee announced a two-week pause on the state's reopening plan.
    The Record

    May 4th | Governor Jay Inslee announces two-week pause on reopening plan

    Bill Radke speaks with Northwest News Network regional correspondent Tom Banse about Governor Jay Inslee’s announcement today that all Washington counties will stay for two weeks in their current phase under the state’s Covid reopening plan. University of Idaho sociology professor Ryanne Pilgeram talks with Bill Radke about her new book on rural gentrification. And we continue our series introducing voters to candidates in the Seattle mayor's race two candidates vying to be Seattle’s next mayor as part of our series introducing voters to the candidates, their top priorities and why they’re running.

  • caption: Seattle Children's Hospital is shown on Thursday, November 14, 2019, in Seattle.
    The Record

    May 3rd | Local hospital sees a rise in mental health crises in kids

    When the pandemic hit, doctors at Seattle Children's Hospital saw more children coming in with mental health emergencies. Seattle Children's CEO Jeff Sperring tells Bill Radke that that's not going to end with the pandemic. Plus - author Michelle Zauner discuses her new book 'Crying in H Mart', and a dive into the new dinosaurs at Woodland Park Zoo.

  • caption: Cindy Hill wears a garbage bag and handkerchief while joining a nationwide protest demanding PPE for healthcare workers on Thursday, April 9, 2020, outside of Evergreen Health in Monroe.
    The Record

    April 29th | A year later, what has the pandemic taught us about how to prepare for the next great emergency?

    The beginning of the pandemic was chaotic. Remember the empty shelves, the desert of PPE, and the competition for essential resources from state to state? With another big emergency inevitable -- whether a wildfire, earthquake, or pandemic -- we look at what needs to happen to avoid chaos. Plus, how an urban farm is bringing biodiversity and homegrown community health to Beacon Hill. And, we take your calls for our weekly conversation with Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan.

  • caption: Vials of the Moderna Covid-19 vaccine are shown on Wednesday, December 23, 2020, at EvergreenHealth Medical Center in Kirkland.
    The Record

    April 28 | Considering intellectual property waivers and global vaccine solutions

    As Covid-19 case numbers in India reach record high numbers, the Indian diaspora in Washington get updates over text messages from miles away. We hear from Meenakshi Rishi, a Seattle University Professor about her family in India and how the role of the US in next steps. Then, a criticism of Bill Gates, a major global health leader in vaccine production. Also, we learn some of the benefit of a cosmic connection to nature and walking barefoot. And, you've heard about Save the Whales... well how about Save the Parasites?