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Alec Cowan


  • caption: 69,274 fans packed CenturyLink Field during the MLS finals  in Seattle on Sunday, Nov. 10, 2019.
    The Record

    What are the true costs of going cashless?

    Some modern customers can remember the days in line at a grocery store and seeing someone ahead of you take out the dreaded checkbook. That checkbook meant something. I meant more waiting as the person filled it out, signed it, handed it over for it to be inspected. Perhaps their ID had to be documented for extra security. It was a time-sucking pain. But some see using cash as the modern equivalent of this consumer pet peeve – good old green money. It turns out, cash is no longer king, it’s an inconvenience.

  • caption: Prohibition agents seized and destroyed 350 gallons of moonshine on February 24th, 1925 at 1115 East Pike Street in Seattle.

    How prohibition forever changed policing in Seattle

    On a recent SoundQs segment we learned about historic bootlegger Roy Olmstead. Today we do a deep dive on another larger-than-life figure from that time, black business owner Doc Hamilton. Both men dealt in illegal alcohol, but had wholly different experiences with the temperance movement and the law.

  • caption: FILE - Amazon devices on display during an event at Amazon in Seattle.

    How is Amazon changing our lives?

    Over the last year or so, the SoundQs team has gotten a lot of questions about one Seattle-based company. Amazon. Happily, KUOW's podcast Primed is finding answers to questions about how Amazon is changing our lives. Here's the first episode of their newest season, about Alexa and kids.