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    Seattleites hit the road for vaccines

    With appointments still limited, some Seattleites are hitting the road to find vaccines outside the city. KUOW’s Esmy Jimenez tells us how it's playing out at a mass vaccination site in Yakima.

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    Rewriting the city's guns story

    America has a gun violence problem. It’s an epidemic that hits every community, on some level. But how we view gun violence changes a lot depending on where it happens… and who it happens to.

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    Pro tips on helping kids readjust to school

    Seattle elementary students got a taste of “new normal” yesterday. They’re back in the classroom for the first time in over a year. We talk with child psychologist Dr. Lauren Silvers about how parents can help support the transition back to in-person school.

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    Amazon won't abandon the office

    Amazon is signaling a return to "office-based culture" by fall. That has some employees considering their options, while downtown businesses say it can't happen soon enough. We talk with Seattle Times business and tech reporter Katherine Khashimova Long.

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    Casual Friday with Chase Burns and John Moe

    This week, we started counting down to wide-open vaccine eligibility, Amazon ticked off some workers by expecting them to come back to the office and Seattle got cast in a new Steven Soderbergh movie.

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    School bells are back

    More than a year into the pandemic, some Seattle public school teachers and students are headed back to the classroom. KUOW education reporter Ann Dornfeld catches us up on how things are going.

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    Shots in lucky arms

    If you aren't eligible to get vaccinated yet, you can still try your luck at finding a last-minute leftover dose somewhere. Seattle Now producer Clare McGrane visited a city-run vaccination clinic in Rainier Beach to see how it works.

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    A chance to change the office

    If you’re one of the many white-collar workers who left the office behind a year ago, you’re probably wondering just what’s in store when you go back. We get some insight on lessons learned from a year of remote work from Microsoft chief scientist Jaime Teevan.

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    A new green burial deal

    Where do we go when we die? How about a garden, or forest? Washington’s first funeral home offering you the chance to become compost opened in Kent last year. We talk with founder Katrina Spade.

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    Casual Friday with Tan Vinh and Eva Walker

    This week was a reopening bonanza: bars and restaurants increased capacity (and were tied to more Covid cases), Seattle gets its first in-person live concert this weekend, and we're even considering going back to the office. Plus: A vaccine hunting story straight out of a sci-fi movie.

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    Who tells your story

    Seattle’s Lori Matsukawa spent nearly 40 years in news as an award-winning journalist and a role model for the young people who watched her on KING 5. We talk with her about media, representation and how to confront harassment toward Asian Americans.