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Seattle Now

Local news explained. Get up to speed on the stories shaping Seattle, weekday mornings at 6 a.m.

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  • Seattle Now

    Seattle Now: Making it work (from home)

    The kids are home, the schools are closed and you have a Zoom meeting starting two minutes ago. Also: deadly virus. We'll get some lessons learned about balancing work and family in a pandemic from four Seattle moms of young children.

  • Seattle Now

    Seattle Now: Progress report

    Definitely do not get too excited about it, but there are signs that all of the staying indoors and away from each other is having an impact. We check in on what the latest data says about how we're doing at flattening the coronavirus curve.

  • Seattle Now

    Seattle Now: The Peak

    A study out last week from the University of Washington predicts the Covid-19 outbreak could peak here in mid-April. Do hospitals have what they need?

  • Seattle Now

    Seattle Now: Corona jams with KEXP's John Richards

    KEXP's morning show host John Richards has been helping listeners through breakups, deaths and loneliness for more than a decade — now they're going on a new journey together. Guest: John Richards, KEXP Morning Show DJ and Associate Program Director.

  • Seattle Now

    Seattle Now: I had coronavirus

    Be honest, how many times in the past few weeks have you suspected you had COVID-19? We talk with a Seattle woman who actually did have it, and recovered.

  • Seattle Now

    Seattle Now: Checking in with Dr. Clyde

    Harvard infectious disease expert Dr. Clyde Crumpacker is back to assess the coronavirus situation here. And why can you still buy an N95 mask in a store when there aren't enough to go around at hospitals?

  • Seattle Now

    Seattle Now: Green Lake

    Public health experts say the extraordinary measures we're taking to slow the novel coronavirus could go on for months. We meet a UW psychologist at Green Lake to hear about ways to stay mentally healthy in an uncertain time.