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    Casual Friday with Jas Keimig and Naomi Ishisaka

    We experienced another tragic shooting, U.S. women’s soccer finally clinched equal pay, and we had another weird weather week We break down the week with Seattle Times columnist Naomi Ishisaka and the Stranger staff writer Jas Keimig.

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    Spilled milk to cry over: Baby formula dangerously low

    It’s not getting any easier to find infant formula. The nationwide shortage is worsening as parents and caregivers turn to social media, mutual aid funds and milk banks for extra help. We hear from Harborview Pediatrics Clinic medical director, Dr. Anisa Ibrahim, about how she’s advising parents and caregivers struggling to find food for their infants. You can also find additional resources at The state health department resource page answers questions and provide links to help families find nutritionally appropriate food for their baby.

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    The Duwamish seek federal recognition

    The Duwamish tribe has been fighting for federal recognition for 40 years. Last week they filed a lawsuit in US District Court to plead their case. Federal recognition means the tribe would receive support for education, healthcare, and human services. Bart Freedman and Ben Mayer are attorneys serving as legal counsel for the Duwamish. They're here to help explain this case. Follow us on Instagram @seattlenowpod

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    Abortion might swing WA's 8th congressional race

    Republicans are hoping to regain control of the House of Representatives this November. And there’s only one district in Washington state that’s up for grabs. Democrat Kim Shrier’s in the 8th. There's now a new wrinkle in the race with the leaked Supreme Court opinion on abortion. KUOW political reporter David Hyde explains.

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    Seniors connecting again after an isolating two years

    The pandemic has been hard on everyone, but the isolation hit seniors especially hard. Now there's more freedom to be had, and like many of us, seniors are rethinking their approach to life. KUOW’s Eilis O’Neill talked to some of them about changes they're making.

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    Casual Friday with Eula Scott Bynoe and Lex Vaughn

    This week we were battered with another round of fake spring. A nationwide formula shortage is stressing out parents and caregivers, and Sound Transit’s escalators won’t be fixed until 2031 We break it down with Battle Tactics For Your Sexist Workplace’s Eula Scott Bynoe and The Needling’s Lex Vaughn.

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    Changing policing from the inside out

    Law enforcement agencies are trying to do a better job of hiring officers who reflect the communities they work in. But even when they do, it takes a lot to change culture. We talk with Seattle Times investigative reporter Patrick Malone about one officer's story out of Tacoma.

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    Trying out college (for credit)

    Since the 90s, a program called Running Start has helped high school students in Washington get a jump on college. Enrollment has been steady for years, but recently there’ve been fewer students taking part. We’ll hear about some of the reasons why from South Seattle College’s Lynn Christiansen.

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    Training tigers to make healthy choices

    Woodland Park Zoo is one of a handful of zoos that are trying to take a more empathetic approach to animal health care. Crosscut’s Hannah Weinberger is here to tell us what’s changed.

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    A new flight plan for Boeing

    Two decades after leaving Seattle for Chicago, Boeing is moving its headquarters again. This time, they’re going to Northern Virginia. We'll hear what it says about how Boeing sees its future and what it could mean for its Western Washington workforce from Jon Ostrower, Seattle-based editor-in-chief of The Air Current.

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    Casual Friday with Geraldine DeRuiter and Marcus Green

    The Supreme Court looks poised to overturn Roe v. Wade, our ORCA cards are getting an upgrade, and an update on cruise season. Seattle Times columnist Marcus Green and food writer Geraldine DeRuiter break it all down.

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    A shifting map of abortion care

    A Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v. Wade could send thousands of people from Idaho and other states to Washington, where access to abortion is protected. We’ll hear from a group that helps women who have to travel to the Northwest to end a pregnancy.