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    Casual Friday with Casey Martin and Gustavo Sagrero

    This week… Starbucks has a new CEO, and he was greeted with a nationwide strike. The Seattle Mariners are gearing up for a new season. And MacKenzie Scott is looking to throw some charitable donations to over 200 nonprofits. KUOW’s Casey Martin and Gustavo Sagrero are here to break down the week.

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    What's at stake in today's Sound Transit vote

    The proposals for Sound Transit’s promised light rail expansion are coming in fast ahead of today’s board vote. Late yesterday, Seattle Mayor Bruce Harrell offered a substitute motion that would include stations North and South of the Chinatown International District that would serve the CID and Pioneer Square. Disruption is imminent with any expansion. But for the people who live in the C-ID it’s more complicated. Northwest Asian Weekly reporter, Mahlon Meyer is here to shed some light.

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    Calling downtown home

    It’s been a bumpy road to recovery for Seattle’s downtown. Three years ago this month, the city shut down. Foot traffic all but disappeared and businesses had to close their doors. But people choosing to live in the city center has actually been on the rise recently. Axios reporter Christine Clarridge brings us up to speed on why people are choosing to live downtown and the impact on the city’s recovery.

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    The Stranger hasn't given up on print

    After 3 long years, the Stranger has a new print edition. Their quarterly arts and performance magazine is here for the Spring. Stranger arts editor Megan Seling, is here to explain why a print edition is back now and what you can look forward to seeing inside.

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    Casual Friday with Vaughan Jones and Mike Davis

    This week… The tech and wine industries were rocked by the failure of Silicon Valley Bank. The state is attempting to bring some equity to the cannabis market by opening up new licenses. And the cherry trees at the Pike Place Market were cut down. But they're gonna put new ones in…so it’s all good? KUOW arts reporter Mike Davis and producer Vaughan Jones are here to break down the week.

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    Linked at last? A new proposal for Burke-Gilman

    The missing link of the Burke-Gilman Trail has long been the White Whale for Seattle’s cycling community. One potential solution, putting in a trail on Shilshole Ave NW, has been subject to almost three decades of political and legal gridlock. Now, 6th District Councilmember Dan Strauss thinks he’s finally found a way. KUOW reporter Casey Martin is here to talk us through Strauss’s proposed plan.

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    Bank closure shakes Seattle start-ups

    Local tech start-ups and even the Washington wine industry had a few tense days following the Silicon Valley Bank failure. Now they’re looking for answers right alongside the Fed who’s stepped in to investigate. Seattle Times reporter Paul Roberts is here to talk about how SVB failed and what it means for local tech customers.

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    WA lawmakers move treatment over jail time to the House

    Democratic lawmakers in Olympia are working on a strategy to tackle drug possession that balances law enforcement and diversion. Senate Bill 5536 would allow people with substance use disorder an opportunity to choose treatment over jail time. But supporters say it will require a major investment for an airtight plan. And time is of the essence, the current law on the books expires this summer. KUOW reporter Amy Radil joins us today to walk us through where the senate bill is at today.

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    Up Early for Daylight Saving Time

    Hopefully you remembered that Daylight Saving Time started yesterday and you set your clock an hour forward. The time change elicits feelings in these parts. We’ll hear from UW sleep expert Horacio de la Iglesia and check in with some of the city's early risers about how they feel.

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    Casual Friday with Naomi Ishisaka and Katie Campbell

    This week… Seattle Mayor Bruce Harrell paused a plan to take down the cherry trees outside of pike place market. A plan that would bring more housing density to our state now heads to the senate. And Seattle is the setting for the latest season of love is blind. KUOW’s Katie Campbell and Seattle Times columnist Naomi Ishisaka are here to break down the week.

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    An investigation into Washington's Native Boarding Schools

    Throughout the early-to-mid 20th century, Washington state was home to 15 Native American boarding schools. The schools have been the source of cultural erasure and generational trauma for Native people for over a century. But the specifics of what went on in those schools has been largely ignored or forgotten by many, including government officials. KUOW Investigative Team members Ashley Hiruko and Isolde Raftery have been collecting information and stories about what went on at these schools, and they’ve spoken with survivors and their families.