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Seattle Now

Local news explained. Get up to speed on the stories shaping Seattle, weekday mornings at 6 a.m.

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  • Seattle Now

    'The Adventures of Lil Big Fella'

    A new comic book tells stories of Black boys and girls growing up in Seattle's South End. We talk with Chukundi Salisbury, creator of 'The Adventures of Lil Big Fella.'

  • Seattle Now

    Casual Friday with Tan Vinh and Casey Martin

    Howling winds, a river of rain and a twice impeached President. KUOW's Casey Martin and Seattle Times food and drink writer Tan Vinh break down another hectic news week. Support the show by making a gift to KUOW:

  • Seattle Now

    So far it's slow going for vaccines

    Covid vaccines were supposed to be the hopeful kickoff to 2021, but the rollout is going far slower than planned. The good news? Mass vaccination sites are on their way.

  • Seattle Now

    Rep. Pramila Jayapal on impeachment

    The House of Representatives is set to make history today when it votes whether to impeach President Trump for a second time. We'll talk with Seattle congresswoman Pramila Jayapal about why she's voting yes.

  • Seattle Now

    State lawmakers meet amid pandemic, protest

    Security checkpoints ringed the Capitol as the state legislative session got underway on Monday, and the FBI is warning of more armed demonstrations to come. We’ll talk with KUOW’s Casey Martin and Austin Jenkins about the first day of business in Olympia.

  • Seattle Now

    Seattle Now: What drove the insurrection?

    Seeing armed men storm government buildings on TV is shocking. But anti-government extremists have been with us for decades, and lately, they're feeling emboldened.

  • Seattle Now

    Seattle Now: Chaos in D.C.

    A politically charged mob, egged on by the sitting president, overruns the U.S. Capitol and brings democracy to a halt. We hear how it went for our state's congressional delegation and get perspective from University of Washington history professor Margaret O'Mara.