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    Casual Friday: Our guilty music pleasures

    Everyone was talking about their Spotify Wrapped top music of the year this week. But the real question is, when is it okay to start blasting the holiday tunes? Plus, sports (and some concerts) are getting so pricey in the city that people just aren't going. We dig through it all with The Stranger's Chase Burns and Jas Keimig.

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    Searching for Omicron

    It’s only a matter of time before the Omicron variant is detected in Washington. In fact, there’s a good chance it’s already here. But don’t panic, we’re focusing on the science with UW Medicine virologist Pavitra Roychoudhury, who’s been watching out for variants since the start of the pandemic.

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    Does Sawant stay or go?

    City Councilmember Kshama Sawant is facing a rare recall election. Next week, her constituents in District 3 will decide whether she's removed from office. KUOW’s David Hyde explains how we got here and what voters are weighing.

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    Why nonprofits should pay more

    The nonprofit world is filled with dedicated, talented people doing meaningful work. One thing it’s not known for is the pay. We’ll hear from Choose 180's Sean Goode about why they're boosting base salaries to $70,000, and what that means for the work they do.

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    Casual Friday: 'I'm a Day Five guy'

    Heat up the leftovers turn on the Apple Cup. We're talking Thanksgiving plans and whether WSU can snap a 7-year losing streak with The Barbershop's Terry Hollimon and Marcus Trufant.

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    Get out the long table

    It's the closest thing to a normal Thanksgiving since the beginning of the pandemic. We're calling on Chef Kristi Brown of That Brown Girl Cooks! catering and Communion Restaurant & Bar to find out what the holiday will look like for her.

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    Indigenize the airwaves

    Daybreak Star Radio is a brand-new online stream of indigenous music, news and culture from here in Seattle. We head to Discovery Park to visit station manager Sherry Steele at the studio in the Daybreak Star Indian Cultural Center.

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    In defense of Dick's Drive-In

    Ichiro earns a spot in the Mariners Hall of Fame. A Boeing 747 lands in some schmancy new SLU apartments. And a Business Insider writer finds Dick's burgers lacking.

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    WA's redistricting drama

    High drama unfolded this week over the future of Washington’s political battle lines. A redistricting committee missed its midnight deadline to redraw the state’s congressional and legislative maps. Now, for the first time, it’ll go to the state Supreme Court. Seattle Times political reporter Jim Brunner explains.