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Clare McGrane

Podcast Producer


Clare produces Seattle Now, KUOW's news podcast. She crafts episodes that give listeners a timely window into stories from around the Seattle area. Her favorite episodes to make include sound-rich collaborations with local reporters, field trips to vibrant places around the Puget Sound, and conversations about pop culture. She also reports stories for the show and appears "on air" as a guest. She has extensive experience covering health stories, including coverage of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Previously, Clare was KUOW's emerging platforms producer, leading strategy and product development for digital audio channels including smart speakers, algorithmic content curators like NPR One and podcasts. Before joining KUOW, she covered health technology and life sciences at GeekWire. Clare is a University of Washington graduate with a dual degree in journalism and creative writing.

Location: Seattle

Languages: English

Pronouns: she/her



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    The toll of a homelessness 'experiment'

    In the last year or soa program from the King County Regional Homelessness Authority moved hundreds of people from the streets into housing. This week, the authority said it’s ending that effort. In a minute, Seattle Times reporter Anna Patrick will lay out what happened and detail the broken trust left behind.

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    These Seattleites tried to stop swiping

    If you’re single you know, and if you aren’t single, you’ve heard it: Dating in Seattle is tough. Apps are really not cutting it. Seattle Now producer Clare McGrane is here to tell us about a new way to meet people that could make things smoother.

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    Our aging ferries want to retire

    The twenty one available Washington State Ferries are old. Some are long overdue for retirement. But thousands of people still depend on them every day, and new ferries are not coming anytime soon. Seattle Times Reporter David Kroman talks about the state of our ferries, and why it’s been so hard to build new ones.

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    Seattle's City Council election gets spicy

    Election officials certified the results of our local primary this week. That means we know which City Council candidates are vying for your votes. As KUOW Politics editor Cat Smith puts it, things are getting spicy in some of the races. In others, we saw some surprising shifts after the initial round of results. She breaks the results down race-by-race.

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    A WA library might close over book fight

    A library in rural Southeast Washington could be the first in the nation to close over a fight about removing books. The debate revolves around a group of books in the library’s kids and young adult sections that some residents say aren’t age-appropriate. Seattle Times reporter David Gutman is here to explain how things got to this point, with some help from life-long Dayton resident John Hutchens.

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    Covid cases are going up. Here's what you should know.

    Covid cases are ticking up across the country. UW Medicine professor Dr. Helen Chu says this surge isn’t like the Delta or Omicron surges of years past, but it's still something to watch. She explains the state of the disease here in Washington and how we should be thinking about our Covid risk.

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    Amazon on trial over worker injuries

    It’s a point of pride that Amazon can get your package to you very quickly. But now the company is locked in a legal battle with the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries, which says the way Amazon runs its warehouses is injuring workers. Seattle Times Amazon reporter Lauren Rosenblatt has been following the trial, and is here to explain all the ins and outs Read Lauren's story:

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    Big decisions for Seattle Schools this election

    Seattle Public Schools are in the middle of a budget crisis. The district closed a 131 million dollar budget gap for the school year that’s about to start, but it’s a temporary fix. Three races for school board kick off in tomorrow’s primary, and the winners will shape education in our city for years to come. KUOW Education Reporter Sami West explains the high-stakes questions the candidates are facing, including possible school closures. Read Sami's coverage of the races in School Board Districts 1, 3, and 6, along with SPS's budget crisis:

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    Seattle Now LIVE with Marcus Harrison Green and Jas Keimig

    This week… We’re bringing you some of the best moments from our last Seattle Now Live event. We’re talking all things downtown Seattle and the city’s post-pandemic art scene with South Seattle Emerald Founder Marcus Harrison Green and arts reporter Jas Keimig.

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    We can all learn from Burien's homelessness debate

    Dozens of homeless residents in Burien are still living outside, months after the city started debating how to help them. A million dollar deal fell through. An entire city board resigned. And council meetings are getting heated, to say the least. There's something for every community in the region to learn about Burien's homelessness crisis. Publicola editor and publisher Erica C. Barnett explains.