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Caroline Chamberlain Gomez

Supervising Producer, Seattle Now


Caroline is the supervising producer on KUOW's daily news podcast Seattle Now. She has produced stories on everything from our southern resident killer whales to Washington's chaotic redistricting process. Additionally, she created the podcast's popular Friday show "Casual Friday." She is getting her masters degree in Human Centered Design and Engineering from the University of Washington and applies human-centered design to both her published work and behind-the-scenes processes. Previously at KUOW, she produced Battle Tactics For Your Sexist Workplace and Second Wave.

Before KUOW, she produced DnA: Design and Architecture and Good Food at KCRW in Los Angeles. She got her start in radio at UCLA where she worked for the small but mighty radio team on The Daily Bruin.

Location: Seattle

Languages: English, conversational German

Pronouns: she/her



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    Our aging ferries want to retire

    The twenty one available Washington State Ferries are old. Some are long overdue for retirement. But thousands of people still depend on them every day, and new ferries are not coming anytime soon. Seattle Times Reporter David Kroman talks about the state of our ferries, and why it’s been so hard to build new ones.

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    Light rail tracks are sinking. Plan ahead

    Attention transit riders! Repair work will disrupt the light rail schedule starting this weekend into next week. Seattle Times transportation reporter Mike Lindblom talks about why this work is necessary and what to expect.

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    Get your FREE on at summer fitness classes

    It’s a great time to get out and do things in the city, from Mariners games to blockbuster movies. But man, are things expensive these days. How about a free, outdoor fitness class, courtesy of the city of Seattle? Seattle Now producer Brooklyn Jamerson-Flowers gives us a guide to the yoga, Zumba and dance classes at Seattle parks this summer.

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    A first look at King County primary results

    Early results are in, and so far all three incumbents running for Seattle city council appear likely to move on to the general election. KUOW editor Cat Smith breaks down what we know so far from the King County primary results.

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    The state of Seattle journalism

    Local journalism is an integral part of the community, and Seattle’s media landscape has changed dramatically in recent years. Those changes have consequences for news consumers. South Seattle Emerald founder Marcus Harrison Green and Vanishing Seattle founder Cynthia Brothers are here to talk about the state of journalism in Seattle.

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    Who's guarding Seattle's beaches?

    Summer is in full swing... Sun, fun, watermelon and swimming. It’s a tough time to be short on lifeguards, but that’s what’s happening. KUOW’s Bill Radke and economy reporter Monica Nickelsburg set out to find out why.

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    Taylor's coming, are you Ready For It?

    Whether or not you’re a Swiftie… Taylor Swift’s presence will have a big footprint on our region For some local fans, her three-and-a-half-hour performance is their wildest dream and the most important event of the year. We'll talk to two local fans about how they’re getting ready and why they feel such a deep connection to her music.

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    Julio lit up the Home Run Derby

    What a night at T-Mobile Park. Julio Rodriguez stunned his fans at the Home Run Derby last night. We talk to Seattle Times photographer Dean Rutz.

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    Why some Seattle 7-Elevens are struggling

    7-elevens are all over the city. It’s the kind of place you know will always be open when you're craving a candy bar or a midnight pack of smokes. But some of the city’s 7-elevens are struggling. Seattle Times business reporter Paul Roberts explains why.