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caption: UW Garage Chorale
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UW Garage Chorale
Credit: Courtesy of The University of Washington

Singing your pandemic heart out, whatever it takes

The University of Washington Chorale can't practice together indoors, of course, due to the risk of Covid-19.

Instead, they rehearse outdoors, in parking garage, on the Seattle campus.

They stand six feet apart, masks on, for half an hour each week. It's been approved by the Health and Safety team, and chorale leaders say no students have gotten sick.

They're pretty happy to be able to do what they love: sing together. And a doctor recently let them know that hearing them "made his day."

We heard part of their rendition of "Teamane," a traditional South African Sesotho wedding song.

Thank you to UW News for highlighting this story. You can read more about the 'UW Garage Chorale' and watch a video here.