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K Boo Ow Key Art

K-Boo-O-W Shorts

Just in time for Halloween, K-Boo-O-W Shorts is a collection of five creepy stories with local connections. We'll be dropping a new story in the KUOW Shorts podcast feed every day from October 24 - 28.

Give your ears a good scare and listen along...if you dare.

P.S. Do you have a ghostly story to share? Send it to us at or leave us a voicemail at 206-221-3213. We may feature it on the air.


  • Cruise Ship Staterooms Hallway

    Ghosts Like Vacation Too

    A 19-year old takes her travel industry job seriously, and doesn’t party with the rest of her team when they go on vacation research trips. But an early bedtime leads to an unusual visitation in the 19-year old’s Alaskan cruise ship cabin… particularly since she doesn’t believe in ghosts.

  • A bride's ghost in the night forest

    K-Boo-O-W: Eleanor

    A delivery of old clothing shows up at a dinner theater in Virginia, including an old wedding dress. The costume designer makes the dress a centerpiece of the play they’re doing, but the original owner of the dress doesn’t like that.