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caption: Tree lights on Market Street in downtown Ballard. 
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Tree lights on Market Street in downtown Ballard.
Credit: KUOW Photo/Katherine Banwell

Who puts up all of the holiday lights in Seattle's trees?

Seeing sparkly white lights in the trees lining some of our neighborhood streets gets a lot of people excited for the holidays.

Six-year-old Elias Parichy is one of those people. But he wondered where those lights came from — so he and his mom contacted KUOW.

KUOW producer Katherine Banwell went to get the answer. She brings us this audio postcard from Fremont and Ballard, which have different techniques when it comes to holiday lighting.

In Ballard alone, there are 101,650 light bulbs illuminating the neighborhood trees for the holidays. But first, the neighborhood had to figure out how to foil the enemy of holiday lighting schemes: the squirrel.