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caption: Cracked earth post-quake
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Cracked earth post-quake

Where you gonna run to – when Seattle runs out of water?

All on that day.

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When Seattle's well runs dry

It’ll take 16-24 hours for Seattle to lose all water pressure after a major earthquake. But it could take 1-2 MONTHS for water to be restored. Daniel Beekman of the Seattle Times wrote about the report that dropped the bombshell.

But their emails

Yet another political actor is in trouble for using private emails to discuss sensitive topics – this time, city officials discussing the head tax. At first, those emails were withheld due to claims that they didn’t relat to official business. Lewis Kamb of the Seattle Times has been tracking down what happened behind closed doors.

The vengeance of Richard Sherman

Yesterday the Seahawks crushed the 49ers – a team that now holds a former Seahawks workhorse, Richard Sherman. Sherman said when he signed with the 49ers that he was seeking “vengeance” against his old team. For a look at how that went (spoiler: not well), we called Michael-Shawn Dugar, Seahawks reporter at The Athletic.

Video game addiction

The World Health Organization added “gaming disorder” to its International Classification of Diseases. And the most addictive game on the planet right now is Fortnite. More than 200 million people play it – and some of them can’t stop. Chief Clinical Officer of Redmond’s ReStart clinic, which treats people for the disorder, joined Bill Radke to talk about treatment options.