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caption: A mob of Trump supporters swarming the Capitol building in D.C.
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A mob of Trump supporters swarming the Capitol building in D.C.

What happens after insurrection?

A mob of Trump supporters breached the gates Governor Inslee's residence, statehouses across the country, and the nation's Capitol building. Rioters outnumbered and overwhelmed an ill-prepared Capitol Police force. We speak with United States Representative Pramila Jayapal about her experience inside the Capitol. And, what actions will elected officials and law enforcement make moving forward?

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Rep. Pramila Jayapal on Capitol Breach and impeachment

A dozen lawmakers were locked inside the gallery above the House Chamber. Washington Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal was one of them. She and fellow members crouched in small spaces waiting for evacuation instructions. She tells us about her experience and Congress moving forward with Impeachment.

A mob outside Inslee’s door

Hundreds of Trump supporters gathered in Olympia to reject November election results. The crowd became more aggressive as the afternoon wore on. Sara Gentzler, reporter for the Olympian watched the rallies, left, and came back to a group breaking through the gates of the Governor’s mansion.

Nikkita Oliver on police response to Capitol Breach

Police prepare for racial justice protests with riot gear, flashbangs, rubber bullets, tear gas, and more. Even with days of warning of possible insurrection, Capitol Police rejected federal help to quell the mob. Nikkita Oliver is a Seattle-based community organizer, educator, and attorney. We talked to them about the disparate response at the nation's Capitol.

Rep. Brad Klippert discusses concerns of Election fraud

Secretary of State, Kim Wyman has said several times that there are no known cases of election fraud, but the possibility still concerns other Washington state Republicans. Representative and Deputy Sheriff Brad Klippert talks about his concerns, responds to Olympia mob, the Capitol breach.

Seattle Mayor Durkan 1.7.2021

Seattle Police used flashbangs, pepper spray and wore riot gear to protests calling for racial justice and end to police brutality. When a largely white mob breached the Capitol building with little obstruction, comparison was inevitable. Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan responds to the Capitol breach and disparate treatment by police. She also calls for impeachment of President Trump.