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caption: Your tomatoes are winding down. What's next?
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Your tomatoes are winding down. What's next?

What do you do with that patch of land when summer ends?

COVID victory gardens, come through! A look at intense city hall lobbying around defunding the police. And the right to die old, wise, innocent – and black.

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Gardening with Ciscoe Morris

Today’s the first day of fall, meaning cold weather gardening is upon us. And for those of you who perhaps just started gardening in 2020 (or even those who are old hands), gardening expert Ciscoe Morris is here for you.

Lobbying to defund the police

Are we defunding the police? If so, who? And how much would that cost? And what’s the plan for after? The Seattle Times’ Daniel Beekman is looking at intense lobbying surrounding today’s vote.

Dean Ed Taylor's essay on Black life and death

“I learned that death is sacred and is a counterpart to birth. Buddhists prepare for death, because it can happen at any time — breathing is the most cherished gift of nature. […] The lives of Black folks should end with dignity, their final breath sacred and childlike.” That’s not the world we live in. But it is the world that University of Washington dean Ed Taylor dreams of, and that he wrote about during the summer uprisings against police brutality.