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caption: A loaf of country sourdough bread.
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A loaf of country sourdough bread.

What's getting you through?

A new app designed to help contact tracers track the coronavirus. A picture book to help kids understand life during a pandemic. Hearing from Seattle children what they think of the shut down. And a conversation about what's getting Seattle residents through it all.

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How an app could help contact tracers

The University of Washington and volunteers from Microsoft have teamed up to create an app that could help contact tracers slow the spread of coronavirus.

The Day My Kids Stayed Home: Explaining Covid-19 and the Coronavirus to Kids

Adam Wallace is an EMT and an Air Force water survival trainer in Spokane. He's also written his first book, a picture book that explains Covid-19 and the coronavirus to young children.

Are the kids all right?

We've been asking you, what do your kids think of this pandemic and time of social isolation. Here are some of the messages you and your kids left for us.

What's getting you through this pandemic?

KUOW's Zaki Hamid and Jeannie Yandel join Bill Radke to talk about what's getting them through this pandemic.