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caption: School supplies
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School supplies
Credit: KUOW Photo/Bond Huberman

Welcome to first grade! Please bring two reams of copy paper with you

Bill Radke speaks with KUOW education reporter Ann Dornfeld about why Washington asks its students to help supply their schools.

Washington requires traditional supplies meant for individual use, like a 24-pack of crayons and some spiral bound notebooks, as well as more unusual supplies meant to be shared by the classroom, like one jumbo pack of napkins, two bottles of hand sanitizer and two reams of copy paper.

By Dornfeld's estimate, the supplies that one first grader in her neighborhood is required to bring would fill two backpacks and one bin and cost upwards of $100.

Here's the full list:

  • Clorox Wipes – 1 bottle
  • Copy Paper – 2 reams, 8 ½ x 11 white
  • Crayola Colored Pencils – 1 box
  • Crayola Crayons – 1 box, 24-count
  • Crayola Markers – 1 package, washable
  • Expo Dry Erase Markers – 2 markers, black, low-odor, chisel-tip
  • Folders – 1 plain red, 1 plain blue, 1 plain yellow; 2-pocket, sturdy with 3-hole prongs
  • Glue Sticks – 4, small (no jumbo)
  • Hand Sanitizer – 2 bottles
  • Kleenex – 2-4 boxes
  • Napkins – 1 package
  • Spiral Notebooks (1-Subject) – 1 blue, 1 yellow, wide-rule, 70 sheets
  • Ziploc Bags – 3 boxes: 1 sandwich size, 1 quart size, 1 gallon size
  • Blue Painters’ Tape – 1 roll, 2-inch
  • Nut-free Snack for Classroom – 2 boxes of goldfish, pretzels (non-nut), graham crackers, or popcorn (plain): large/bulk sizes (not individually-wrapped packages)
  • Students with last name A-L: Scisssors, 1 pair small, student-sized
  • Students with last name M-Z: Highlighters, 1 pink, 1 yellow: large-sized please

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