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“We treat it like Vegas: what happens there stays there.” A (small) peek inside the House in the age of impeachment

How one Washington representative makes the case for impeachment. Voiding old warrants to help the homeless. Why do Lake Washington’s levels vary enough to merit the Ballard Locks? And Austen’s Pride onstage.

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House Representative Derek Kilmer

The final straw in the case for impeaching Donald Trump came two weeks ago, according to Nancy Pelosi. But Representative Derek Kilmer of the 6th District has been calling for impeachment for months. He spoke with Bill Radke about the current climate in the House.

LA low level offenses dismissed

Los Angeles is seeking to dismiss roughly two million old warrants and citations, as well as the fines and fees associated with those violations. It’s a bid to ease the burden placed on the city’s growing homeless population, which cycles in and out of the jail system at disproportionate rates. King County’s rate of arrest is even higher, but Crosscut’s David Kroman says a bill like this is less politically likely here.

SoundQs: Lake Washington water levels

The Ballard Locks are getting an upgrade. They’ve been used to move boats from Lake Washington to Puget Sound for more than a century. One listener wondered why the water levels in the lake vary. SoundQs’ Katherine Banwell went to find out.

Austen's Pride

Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice has come to life as a book, a BBC movie, a miniseries about zombies… the list goes on. Now it’s a musical: “Austen’s Pride,” which you can see at the 5th Avenue Theater. Lindsay Warren Baker and Amanda Jacobs wrote the book, lyrics, and music.