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caption: Adelie penguins in Antarctica, 2013.
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Adelie penguins in Antarctica, 2013.

If you hear jet planes, RUN. And other lessons from Antarctica

There’s a lot to contend with living for several months in a remote part of Antarctica:

Being trapped for days inside a trailer with one other person (and the Quaker Oatmeal guy).

Forgetting what row you are on in your knitting project.

Answering mother nature’s call outside in an outhouse shaped like an upright coffin (oh, and then having to take all of it with you at the end of the trip).

Moving as fast you can when you hear what sounds like a squadron of 747s to avoid a potentially fatal wind storm.

In this special extended interview for The Wild, host Chris Morgan gets wildlife filmmakers Jeff Wilson and Mark Smith to spill on what life is like among the “super over-caffeinated” Adelie penguins.

Every spring, these aggressive birds with Joe Pesci personalities pop out of the ocean and on to the rocky areas around Cape Crozier for a frenzied mating season.

Wilson and Smith were there to film for BBC’s beloved Frozen Planet series.

Listen to the full interview by clicking the play button above or wherever you get your podcasts. Produced for the web by Kara McDermott.