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caption: A beaver in Yellowstone National Park, 2007
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A beaver in Yellowstone National Park, 2007

The goofy looking rodent we all rely on

Bonus episode! Hear an extended interview with Ben Goldfarb, author of "Eager."

In architecture, the keystone is the block at the top of a stone arch that holds it all together. Take it out, and the whole thing crumbles. A keystone species play a similar role in an ecosystem.

Beavers are one such group of creatures. They build wet habitats that support a whole host of other animals that support the survival of other animals.

"They're kind of goofy looking, but it turns out they're incredibly critical," Goldfarb said. "An unlikely hero."

In this extended interview with The Wild host Chris Morgan, Goldfarb describes the importance of these funny rodents, their history and their (hopeful) future.

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