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Seattle’s first anniversary with Mayor Durkan

caption: It's the first birthday party of a Seattle led by Jenny Durkan.
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It's the first birthday party of a Seattle led by Jenny Durkan.

Mayor Jenny Durkan has been on the job for a year. What’s changed? And speaking of changing times, Microsoft is aging in reverse – into America’s most valuable company again. Gene editing is on the rise: has it just crossed an ethical line?

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Jenny Durkan's first year

The city filed a court motion yesterday to clear the arrest warrants of hundreds of people charged or convicted with low-level offenses. Jenny Durkan joined us to explain which ones are eligible, and to speak about what else has changed during the first year of her tenure.

Microsoft pulling ahead of Apple

Welcome to the mid-90s! The Seattle music scene is setting the pulse of the world, and the most valuable company in America is headquartered here. In 2018, grunge may be dead, but the most valuable company is ascendant in town. We’re not talking about Amazon – this is Microsoft. Again. Geekwire’s Todd Bishop explains.

Genetically edited babies

The world’s first genetically edited human babies have been born in China. The announcement has yet to be substantiated, but the medical and ethical repercussions could be big. University of Washington bioethics professor Malia Fullerton and John Stamatoyannopoulos, director of Altius Institute for Biomedical Sciences, discuss.

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