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caption: Parla Apartments in the Crown Hill neighborhood of Seattle.
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Parla Apartments in the Crown Hill neighborhood of Seattle.
Credit: KUOW Photo/Joshua McNichols

Seattle approaches finish line on upzones in certain neighborhoods

Seattle is approaching the finish line in its years long effort to upzone certain neighborhoods across the city.

That would make those neighborhoods taller and more affordable.

Chris Bond lives in Crown Hill — one of 27 urban villages that could get upzoned — in a new apartment building on Holman Road called the Parla.

At four stories tall, it already towers over other buildings in the neighborhood.

"The roof of this building – it has a really beautiful view as it’s not upzoned yet. So you can see the mountains both directions and the city as well," Bond said.

After the zoning changes, new apartment buildings next door could build one story taller, to five stories.

The locations just south could build up to seven stories.

Bond would lose his views, but the neighborhood would get more affordable apartments.

The Seattle City Council expects to vote on upzones in March.