LimeBike electric scooters in Austin, TX.
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LimeBike electric scooters in Austin, TX.

Scoot your way to personal injury?

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Other cities have thrilling electric scooter share: why not Seattle? The hidden danger of two-wheeling it. 

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Electric Scooters: The Danger, The Dream

Mayor Jenny Durkan hesitates to allow electric scooters in Seattle because of the danger; a Washington Post report on scooter-related ER visits is one of the reasons. That Post reporter, Peter Holley, crunched the numbers – but he’s still addicted to the motorized menaces. He spoke to Bill Radke about why.

Moorea Seal, 52 Lists on Togetherness

We love lists. We hate lists. We publicly bemoan the demise of thoughtful writing for the listicle, but privately revel in compilations like “You Know You’re From Florida When…” Buzzfeed has built a business model on using lists to support deeper thinking/journalism, and Seattle designer Moorea Seal aims to do the same. She spoke with Bill about her new book, 52 Lists for Togetherness.

Chris Hedges: America, The Farewell Tour

According to Sigmund Freud, humans experience both a life instinct and a death drive. Journalist Chris Hedges says that this country has fully embraced its drive toward death. His new book is America: The Farewell Tour.

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