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caption: Understandably perplexed at whatever *this* is.
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Understandably perplexed at whatever *this* is.

Pandemic family planning

What a time to be bringing new life into the world. Coronavirus hits the campaign trail. And a scourge of paltry pockets (throwback edition).

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A baby? In this economy?

It’s a strange time to be alive, and an even stranger time to be pregnant. What’s it like to have a baby during a pandemic? And if you were considering having a baby, has our current moment caused you to reconsider? Grist’s Ask Umbra advice columnist (better known as Eve Andrews) tackled the topic.

Coronavirus in the White House

With a veritable who’s who in the GOP party testing positive for coronavirus, the virus that had already been politicized is now becoming political. To ask how debates and campaign trail appearances mix well with the need to quarantine (spoiler: they don’t), Bill Radke spoke with Angela Rasmussen, associate research scientist at Columbia University’s Center of Infection and Immunity.

Amber Thomas, Women's pockets are inferior

Remember structured, outside clothing? Us either. But in the before times, when we wore clothes that zipped and had pockets – not all pockets were created equally. In a throwback from the archives, KUOW’s Marcie Sillman spoke with journalist/engineer Amber Thomas about her piece for data visualization website The Pudding called Women’s Pockets are Inferior.