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Mask me another: How well do you know Washington’s mask rules?

It's been a week since Washington state reopened. Many bars, restaurants and other businesses are operating at full capacity again.

People who are fully vaccinated can mostly return to pre-pandemic life. But there are still some rules in place. And that can get confusing.

Unvaccinated people still need to wear a mask in indoor public spaces. And everyone has to wear masks in certain settings, including schools, public transportation and healthcare settings.

"I think this is where the confusion has come in," says KUOW's Kate Walters. "We're open, right? So things go back to the way they were before? That's not necessarily the case."

Walters flips the script on local Morning Edition host Angela King and quizzes her about what the rules are now. KUOW's Gracie Todd also quizzed folks on the street (Clayton Richenberg, Jarod Cahoon, Lauren Sleezer and Ben Alexander).

Can you pass the quiz? Get the correct answers by playing the clips below each question.


So let's start with something that everyone has to do at some point: grocery shopping. You're at the store picking up the essentials. Does your grocery store clerk need to wear a mask?

A) Yes

B) No

C) It depends.

D) I don't know. I am just looking for answers!

Mask Me Another Answer 1

2And can a business owner say you need to wear a mask regardless of your vaccination status?

A) Yes

B) No

C) Only if another customers requests it

D) Why don't you just tell me the answer?

Mask Me Another Answer 2

3 Masks aren't the only thing people are wondering about. A lot of people who have been working from home are contemplating a shift back to the office. So, Angela, if/when you and I end up back in our office, can our boss ask if we're vaccinated?

A) Yes

B) No

C) Companies can make their own rules.

D) Only if they want to hear from my lawyer!

Mask Me Another Answer 3

4What about proof? Do you think folks have to prove vaccination status and, if so, how?

A) Yes, and there are several ways you can prove your status.

B) Yes, and I have to provide my signed and dated vaccination cards to prove it.

C) No

D) I am preemptively adding this to my lawsuit right now.

Mask Me Another Answer 4


If people are confused moving forward what would you say they should do?

A) Wear your mask - better safe than sorry!

B) Don't put on your mask until someone asks you to.

C) Read the room and remember the rules above.

D) I'm just never leaving my house again because this is too much information.

Mask Me Another Answer 5

How did you do? Share your results on Twitter or Facebook.

Gracie Todd contributed audio for this quiz. She spoke to Clayton Richenberg, Jarod Cahoon, Lauren Sleezer and Ben Alexander.

Answer Key: C, A, A, A, C