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caption: An architectural rendering of the Mercer Mega Block project.
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An architectural rendering of the Mercer Mega Block project.
Credit: Tiscareno Associates

Life sciences boom in South Lake Union

The expansion of life sciences development. Ron and Don speak. How to survive the onslaught of fake news. And what to do if you think you’re at risk of being swatted.

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Luke Timmerman, Mercer Mega Block

The so-called Mercer Mega Block in South Lake Union has been sold to become a “life sciences campus.” What does that mean, exactly? And how does it fit into the rest of Seattle’s booming biotech scene? Biotech reporter Luke Timmerman is a biotech reporter, founder and editor of the Timmerman Report.

Ron Upshaw and Don O'Neil

For 13 years, thousands of KIRO radio listeners spent time with the Ron and Don show. Then, this past January, they were suddenly gone. Ron Upshaw and Don O’Neil joined Bill Radke for a conversation about their show, their firing, and what happens next.

Di Zhang, Fake News Librarian

As the 2020 campaign season ramps up, there’s no sign that misinformation will be any less prevalent than it was in 2016 (or 2018, for that matter). Seattle Public Library is also escalating their tactics, with an expansion of a class called “Fake News Survival Guide.” The classes were started by librarian Di Zhang.

Sean Whitcomb, SPD swatting

If a SWAT team showed up at your house, guns drawn: you might think “this is a big mistake; they must think I’m someone else.” What if their arrival wasn’t a mistake at all, but a malicious attack? In recent years, we’ve seen the rise of a practice called swatting. The Seattle Police Department’s has the first-in-the-nation swatting registry; Sergeant Sean Whitcomb explains.