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Credit: Ground Truth Trekking

Landslides And Climate Change: Lessons From Alaska For Seattle

Landslide season has begun. That's when we hear stories about houses sliding down Seattle's famously steep slopes. But according to geologist "Hig" Higman, landslide season is about to get even hairier.

Hig tells Ross about the dramatic coastal erosion he saw in southern Alaska and how that process might play out in Seattle and Washington state.

You can see a slideshow of Alaska's coastal erosion on Hig's website. He also took a 4,000 mile walk from Seattle to the Aleutian Islands with his wife, Erin McKittrick. She wrote about it in a book called "A Long Trek Home." She's working on a second book which includes an account of the autumn they spent on a remote Alaskan glacier with two very young children.