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kuow asks seattle business businesses recover
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Credit: KUOW

Seattleites respond: How would you help businesses recover from the pandemic?

KUOW is asking Seattle voters the same questions it is asking candidates for mayor in the 2021 primary election. This week, we asked about helping businesses recover from the pandemic.

The following answers are from KUOW listeners across Facebook, Twitter, and our online feedback form.

Question: Many Seattle area businesses are struggling to survive due to the Covid crisis. What’s one thing you’d do differently to help businesses recover?

KUOW listener Don Blankeny pointed to grants for small businesses as one way to help out.

"Small businesses offer pathways to prosperity and bring vibrancy and social connection to our neighborhoods by providing a 'third place' for people to spend time, away from work and home," Blankeny said.

"The incoming mayor needs to invest in downtown's economic recovery (which will help small businesses) while also supporting our neighborhood business districts. In addition to technical support for businesses, this could look like neighborhood grants, an expanded BIA network, and thoughtful/coordinated investments in the behavioral health and homelessness."

Dennis McCreery argued to subsidize childcare.

"I'd either provide or subsidize child care for all employees of small businesses who want to return to work," McCreery said.

Dave Koeger said that an effort that includes both government and non-government entities would work best to help businesses recover.

"Take the example of Plymouth Church UCC on Sixth Street in Seattle," he said. "In the early '80s, they created an organization called Plymouth Housing to house some of the homeless.

"As far as business recovery, Plymouth does continue to invest in minority business. I would like to see the mayor candidates make more use of government / private relationships, both within the city and statewide."