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Dyer Oxley

Online Editor/Producer


Dyer Oxley joined KUOW as a web editor in 2020, handling day-to-day upkeep of the station’s website while providing editorial oversight. He also helms KUOW’s Today So Far newsletter, an insightful daily roundup of what KUOW is reporting ... so far.

A newspaper reporter at heart, Dyer came to KUOW via various Seattle-area media — spanning talk radio, podcasts, and TV — where he covered the emerging opioid epidemic, Washington’s evolving transportation/traffic, and local government/politics. But his passion is reporting on pop culture (and what he calls the “geekonomy”) especially in the Northwest which he argues is one of the nerdiest places on the planet. You can count on him to keep up on the region’s many comic cons, science and entertainment news.

Location: Pacific Northwest

Languages: English, Limited Klingon and Vulcan