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caption: Night over Taos, NM, featuring an unexplained light in the sky.
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Night over Taos, NM, featuring an unexplained light in the sky.

Is a UFO by any other name still as alarming?

How a member of Blink-182 cracked the unidentified case. How could we keep kids in school? Seattle gets a new NHL team, and an immigrant writer confronts the violence of masculinity while imagining a better way.

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Unidentified object sighting confirmed by US Navy

Last Friday the Navy acknowledged the existence of three videos that show what they call unidentified aerial phenomena. But science writer Sarah Scoles says these may not be the conspiracy-proving evidence that you might think.

David Kirp, The College Dropout Scandal

David Kirp is a professor at UC Berkeley, and the author of a new book that says universities could be doing much more to keep kids in school through the process of getting a degree. It’s called The College Dropout Scandal.

Ron Francis, Seattle's NHL team

Seattle is getting a hockey team – and Record producer Zak Kindrachuk will be living in an NHL city again. Zak was born into a hockey family; his father won two Stanley Cups. He joined Deb Wang in conversation with new team general manager Ron Francis.

Ocean Vuong, On Earth We're Briefly Gorgeous

Ocean Vuong has had quite a week: his first novel was longlisted for the National Book Award just before he won a MacArthur Genius Grant. It comes on the heels of an extraordinary year that began with the publication of his book On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous. He spoke with Bill Radke earlier this year.