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caption: In the Golden State, long afternoons could go on forever.
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In the Golden State, long afternoons could go on forever.

If you could keep the sun from setting… would you?

California passes a resolution to put a ring on daylight saving(s) time; is WA next? In other sunny southern news, San Francisco has approved a tax on big businesses to pay for homelessness programs. UW’s animal research centers are not without controversy. And while women’s anger seems to be having a political moment, that’s not without controversy either. 

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California passes permanent DST

The Golden State has gone rogue and decided to let the sunshine in – permanently. But is it a good idea? We asked University of Washington professor Steve Calandrillo, who researchers daylight savings and its effects.

San Francisco's got a head tax?

Remember the head tax? San Francisco may have one-upped Seattle in its efforts to promote good corporate citizenship. The city just passed a tax on big local businesses to pay for local homelessness programs. The San Francisco Chronicle’s Kevin Fagan explains.

UW Animal research

The University of Washington is home to one of seven federally funded primate research centers in the country. There’s strong disagreement about whether they should be experimenting on animals at all. Dave Anderson is a laboratory animal veterinarian and Institutional Official for the University of Washington Animal Care and Use Program. John Pippin is a cardiologist and director of academic affairs for Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine.

Women's anger

Eloquent Rage. Good and Mad. Rage Becomes Her. There is a flood of books out right now celebrating women’s anger. You might say it’s having a moment. But anger is still gendered, and racialized. We spoke to Myisa Plancq-Graham, founder of Uncoded Media. Pierce County farmer Neko Jamilla joined as well as Katie Anthony, author of the blog KatyKatiKate.