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caption: The new Netflix documentary Unbelievable.
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The new Netflix documentary Unbelievable.
Credit: Netflix

How an Unbelievable story became a true crime drama

A new Netflix documentary. What are the grounds for impeachment? City cameras won’t be watching you – anymore. And a new book from Malcolm Gladwell.

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Ayelet Waldman, Unbelievable

Author Ayelet Waldman, along with her husband Michael Chabon, is behind a new miniseries called Unbelievable. It’s the true crime story of a serial rape case that turned into a character trial for one of the victims in Lynnwood.

John McKay on impeachment

Former U.S. Attorney John McKay shared his thoughts about impeachment.

Seattle traffic camera surveillance

The Seattle City Council passed a measure that ensured traffic cameras would only be watching intersections. Before then, you may not have known they were watching you at all. Shankar Narayan, Technology and Liberty Project Director for the ACLU in Washington, explains.

Malcolm Gladwell, Talking With Strangers

Malcolm Gladwell’s new book is Talking with Strangers: What We Should Know About People We Don’t Know.