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caption: Orders being prepared to go at Beacon Hill's Musang restaurant.
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Orders being prepared to go at Beacon Hill's Musang restaurant.

Food to take you on a journey

Musang restaurant puts a community-driven heart into their takeout. Jenny Durkan answers questions about sweeps and evictions. We also speak to a landlord and tenant, and hear from another Voice of the Pandemic.

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Melissa Miranda, Musang restaurant

Baon – food, packaged and taken on a journey. It’s a tenet of Filipino cuisine, and now it’s at the heart of Melissa Miranda’s strategy to keep her restaurant afloat. Musang, a newly opened Filipino restaurant in Beacon Hill, has pivoted to takeout and community food service; she reflected on what that means to her.

Mayor Jenny Durkan 5.7

Sometimes we seem to hit the same topics with Mayor Jenny Durkan week after week: testing, evictions, the homeless community. It can be hard to understand how we’re moving forward, even as the city and state speed toward reopening. We got an update, as we do every Thursday.


There’s an eviction moratorium. If tenants can’t make their rent, and landlords can’t make their mortgages: who pays? Bill Radke spoke to landlord Dana Frank and Violet Lavatai, director of the Washington Tenants Union.

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