Eula Scott Bynoe
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Eula Scott Bynoe
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Feminism: Meaningful change or media trend?

Eula Bynoe introduces herself as a doula, podcaster, mother, and full-time black woman. Her top priority to make feminism truly relevant as the word of 2017: "Remove the president from office."

Next best? "In the meantime — equal pay."

Too high a bar? "Girls' baby clothes not being only in pink."

This is where we find ourselves in 2017. Feminism is "in the air," said Merriam-Webster Editor-at-Large Peter Sokolowski when the word came out. And while that may be true, many argue that it’s only because of women’s reactions against the Trump administration. Starting with the women’s march and ending with the #metoo movement, are we really seeing change?

Eula Bynoe joined host Jeannie Yandel to talk about powerful men being toppled from their perches, and about what has really stood out for her in 2017. “The world has pushed us so aggressively towards ugly this year, and I'm happy to be seeing people moving back towards love."