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caption: Ishea Brown shares a few of her Covid-19 work-from-home styles.
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Ishea Brown shares a few of her Covid-19 work-from-home styles.
Credit: Ishea Brown

Ep. 3: Are We Going to Be OK? Does wearing pants during Zoom calls count as self-care? Ishea Brown says yes.

Curiosity Club's resident style icon says finding your inner fashionista might be the first step to feeling better in quarantine.

What does wellness look like during a pandemic? Does returning to “normal” mean forgetting the trauma of COVID-19? How does wearing pants during our Zoom calls affect our mental health?

In this hour, KUOW's Are We Going to Be OK? explores self-care and lockdown lewks with mental health advocate and style icon Ishea Brown.

Ishea Brown is a Seattle-based content creator. She hosts a relationship podcast called “Just The Tip” with her fiancé, advocates for mental health through her brand Balanced Brown Girl, and manages an online community for women of color in Seattle. She believes there is power in the stories that women don’t tell, and is passionate about sharing, amplifying, and normalizing conversations around the topics of relationships, mental health and therapy. Ishea was a member of KUOW's inaugural Curiosity Club Pop-Up cohort.

To listen to a nine minute story about a surprising conversation Ishea had with a fellow Curiosity Club member, go here: Is the end of racism possible? The power in agreeing to disagree.

caption: Ishea Brown
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Ishea Brown
Credit: Rahhel Woldu

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This episode of Are We Going to Be OK? originally aired live on Facebook and YouTube on Thursday, April 23, 2020. This web story was originally published on June 25, 2020.