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caption: A process called aquamation could return your pet's body to the sea or Sound.
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A process called aquamation could return your pet's body to the sea or Sound.

Who says there's no innovation in death?

And this death-related practice would give new meaning to the idea of a water burial. Are people, tired of the extremes of Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump, really ready for a move to the political center? Rosie the Jetsons robot may soon deliver your Amazon orders, and some notes from the Grammy-nominated Seattle Symphony.

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Death is bad for the environment – at least the way Americans do it. Cremation pollutes the air; burial puts both valuable resources and toxic chemicals into the earth. But a bill in the legislature would allow for a watery way: alkaline hydrolysis, or aquamation. Jozlin Roth is co-owner of Resting Waters, an animal funeral home currently performing aquamation. She says the procedure is essentially just decomposition, but sped up.

Chris Vance, political centrism

Last night’s State of the Union suggested at least the possibility of a move back to the political center, says Washington State Independents founder Chris Vance. Many with a party affiliation become disaffected and return to a political base of things we can all agree on.

Amazon robot Scout

How do you feel about a robot rolling down your street to deliver you a package? It’s happening in Snohomish County, where Amazon is testing a robot called Scout. In promotional videos, Scout stops in front of a customer’s house, a hatch pops open, and the customer can take what’s inside. Is this really going to go well? We asked Anat Caspi, who directs the Taskar Center for Accessible Technology at the University of Washington.

Grammy-nominated Seattle Symphony

The Seattle Symphony has three nominations in the classical category for the 2019 Grammy Awards – more than any other symphony in the country. Assistant principal trumpet player Alexander White stopped by to chat with Bill Radke about what the nomination means, how to enjoy classical music if you’re a novice, and to toot his own horn just a little. (Couldn’t resist.)