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caption: A Boeing Dreamliner 787-9 flies the friendly skies.
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A Boeing Dreamliner 787-9 flies the friendly skies.

Boeing’s safety headache spreads to include the 787 Dreamliner

Not such a dreamy ride in the skies. One retailer results in more criminal charges for shoplifting than any other – and it’s not who you might think. Could we geoengineer our way to a cooler planet? And Ruth Reichl asks us to save her the plums.

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NYTimes on Boeing Dreamliner

Boeing is still working on a fix to its 737 MAX 8 jet, which has been grounded after two plane crashes. But the company has other safety woes: the 787 Dreamliner factory has been “plagued by shoddy production and weak oversight that have threatened to compromise safety.” That’s from a NYTimes story; one of the reporters on that piece is David Gelles.

Goodwill shoplifting charges

What’s the number one prosecutor of shoplifters in the Seattle area? You might think it was an upscale shop, or a popular retail chain. But if you suspected Nordstrom or Target, you’d be wrong – it’s Goodwill. Their rate of criminal charges is unusually high; KUOW’s online editor Sydney Brownstone has the story.

Geoengineering for climate change

We all learned some basic laws of physics growing up. One of them is very simple: what goes up must come down. That hasn't applied to the temperature of the earth lately. But if we're heating it up: could we cool it down? UW Atmospheric Sciences professor Tom Ackerman suggests we do just that: spray particles into the air to stop climate change. It's called geoengineering. He spoke with Steve Gardner, UW Philosophy professor and geoengineering skeptic.

Ruth Reichl, Save Me the Plums

“I mean: any restaurant critic who tells you it’s not fun is either lying or stupid.” KUOW’s Marcie Sillman spoke with the very intelligent and honest Ruth Reichl, food writer and former critic for The New York Times. She’s the author of several memoirs, but the latest is called Save Me the Plums, which is about the time she spent as the last editor-in-chief of Gourmet Magazine.