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caption: Courtney and her Care Bears, boombox, and scrunchies are on the way.
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Courtney and her Care Bears, boombox, and scrunchies are on the way.
Credit: American Girl Official Photo.

American Girl dolls explore the strange history of… the 80s

Courtney is here, and she’s coming to a mall near you. Also, what really happened at last night’s city council meeting and how UW professors are preparing to return to the classroom.

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Courtney, the 1986 American Girl doll

Remember American Girl dolls? There was the colonial era one, the formerly enslaved one, the suffragette one – and now there’s one from 1986, whose historical trappings include a Heathers poster and trips to the mall. Alison Horrocks and Mary Mahoney host the American Girls podcast, and joined Bill Radke to discuss this relatively recent history.

City council's scuffle with Durkan over police budget continues

There’s that scene in Sleeping Beauty when the two fairies keep turning Briar Rose’s dress blue, then pink, then blue, then pink from across the room. Something with a more than passing similarity just happened in the Seattle City Council, where the mayor expressed opposition to the budget that they then passed and the mayor then vetoed, which veto the council just overturned. Crosscut’s David Kroman explains it all.

Joe Janes on a remote back-to-school

After a chaotic transition during spring quarter, UW professors are returning to remote coursework with some experience and prep time. What will that look like? To find out, Bill Radke spoke with former Faculty Senate leader Joe Janes.