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caption: Cartoonist and speaker Vishavjit Singh.
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Cartoonist and speaker Vishavjit Singh.

After 9/11, a reminder that America has always been his home

The birth of a Sikh Captain America. A look inside the Northwest Detention Center (which has had a recent makeover, at least on the surface). All your maps are wrong. And if you have a Tesla Roadster in the Seattle area, you’re in luck! One of the only mechanics left is here to help.

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Sikh Captain America

On the anniversary of 9/11, a look at how one man has worked to change the definition of who people see as American. Vishavjit Singh was born and raised in the nation’s capital. But as a Sikh man with a turban and beard, after September 11th 2001, he was frequently called a terrorist and told to go back to his own country. To prove he belonged here, he took up a familiar shield…

Northwest Detention Center

Tacoma’s Northwest Detention Center is 15 years old. It's been the site of hunger strikes, allegations of misconduct, a lawsuit by Bob Ferguson, and a recent protest that turned deadly. It has a new director, and yesterday journalists were allowed to tour the facility – including KUOW's Esmy Jimenez.

All your maps are wrong

Sarah Battersby is a cartographer with Tableau Software. And she says all maps are wrong. There’s gaps in technology, we’re not great at gauging distances, and – like everything else – maps are subject to bias.

Medlock and Sons Tesla repair

When Tesla first launched the Roadsters, it was heralded as the future of cars. Ten years later, it’s nearly impossible to even get it serviced. Enter Burien’s Carl Medlock. He’s one of five or six people in the country who still fixes the car.