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TELEPHONE 2_ Nathan Langston
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A worldwide game of telephone, kicked off right here in Seattle

A local Seattle artist plays a worldwide game of telephone, in which a passage about banyan trees is interpreted over 900 times into paintings, sculptures, music scores, and a range of art media. Plus, a look at how tele-medicine is helping diagnose and care for people with autism in rural Washington. And finally, our weekly conversation with Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan.

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Telemedicine program helps with autism diagnosis and care in rural WA

Autism is a disorder that has better outcomes the sooner you diagnose and care for it. That means if you can't get in to see a therapist in person, you find another way. Bill Radke talks with Dr. Gary Stobbe, director of the Adult Autism Clinic and the University of Washington Medical Center, about efforts to reach and treat people with autism in rural Washington.

The TELEPHONE project, Nathan Langston

You remember telephone — whispering a message in your neighbor’s ear and seeing how long you can keep that message perfectly intact. Now imagine that instead of whispering, you painted a painting of that original message, and the person next to you made a song inspired by that painting, and so on. Bill Radke speaks with Nathan Langston, local artist and UX designer, about a worldwide game of artistic telephone he kicked off right here in Seattle.

Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan 4.22.2021

Our weekly conversation with Mayor Durkan covers federal homelessness assistance and warehouse zoning as we take your calls.