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caption: Tomo and his favorite miso.
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Tomo and his favorite miso.
Credit: Shin Yu Pai

A flavor creates harmony

Tomo Nakayama usually puts his creative energy into his harmonious music. But when the pandemic hit, he found a new outlet: cooking.

Cooking his way through various Japanese comfort dishes was a way to be creative in an upended routine. And it helped him address the homesickness and longing for family that he was feeling. Miso, a foundational element of Japanese flavor, taught Tomo a lesson about harmony he now applies outside the kitchen. Listen to the episode to discover the connection between a tub of miso and songwriting.

caption: Miso.
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Credit: Shin Yu Pai

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The Blue Suit is produced by KUOW in Seattle. Our host, writer, and creator is Shin Yu Pai. Whitney Henry-Lester produced this episode. Jim Gates is our editor. Tomo Nakayama wrote our theme music.

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