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caption: This photo was taken in the immediate aftermath of the Wellington Avalanche in 1910.
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This photo was taken in the immediate aftermath of the Wellington Avalanche in 1910.

A city engulfed in snow – for good

A historic avalanche. What happens when you can’t come in from the cold. How to raise a reader. And the eventful legislative session that just began.

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Wellington avalanche

Steven’s Pass has been closed for most of the week following an avalanche. In 1910, two trains sat waiting for the same pass to reopen. They never made it across. Alan Stein, a historian for, joined Bill Radke to tell the story.

Sleeping outside in freezing conditions

The factors that might keep someone out of a shelter when it’s 55 degrees don’t magically disappear when it drops to 25, says KUOW’s homelessness reporter Kate Walters. She’s been speaking with people to see why they stay outside, and how they get by.

Pamela Paul + Maria Russo, How to Raise a Reader

After the era of board books and story time has passed, how do you keep kids reading? Pamela Paul and Maria Russo, editors of the New York Times Book Review, have some help for you. That wisdom is corralled in a new book called How to Raise a Reader. (Pro tip: don’t be afraid of ‘psychological insight’ – also known as manipulation, depending on who you ask.)

Start of legislative session 2020

The Washington state legislature is back at it this week with plenty on the docket: homelessness, guns, climate change… and whether to expel one of their own. KUOW’s Austin Jenkins has the story.