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Eva Solorio


  • caption: The 2023 spring RadioActive Advanced Producers and staff. Top row from left: Leila M'Baye, Idrissa Gaye, Hayden Andersen, Dash Pinck, and Colin Yuen. Middle row: Nina Tran, Anjali Einstein, Eva Solorio, Sadeen Al Ziyad, Ada Walther, Gideon Hall, and Terina Papatu. Front row: Antonio Nevarez, Jennifer Wing, and Dayana Capulong. Not pictured: Lily Turner and Kelsey Kupferer.

    Meet the 2023 RadioActive advanced youth producers

    KUOW's RadioActive Youth Media is proud to offer our Advanced Producers Workshop to eleven graduates of our Intro to Radio Journalism Workshop. This spring, the youth producers spent five months with KUOW gaining advanced journalism and audio production skills.

  • caption: Sisters Paulina (left) and Eva Solorio. Paulina chose to go to Mariner High School in Everett, Washington, while Eva chose to go to Kamiak High School in Mukilteo, Washington.

    How I reconnected to my Mexican roots in a majority-white school

    When RadioActive’s Eva Solorio graduated from middle school, she was ready for a change. So she chose to go to a nearby high school, instead of the one all her friends were going to. But it turned out to be a bigger change than she expected.

  • caption: The RadioActive 2022 Advanced Producers. Top row from left: Eva Solorio, Antonio Nevarez, Adar Abdi, Jennifer Nguyen. Middle row: Rhea Beecher, Rahmah Abdulazeez, Emily Chua, Colin Yuen. Bottom row: Alayna Ly, Najuma Abadir, Lyn Strober-Cohen, Morgen White.

    Meet RadioActive's 2022 advanced youth producers

    KUOW's RadioActive Youth Media is proud to offer our Advanced Radio Journalism Workshop. Twelve graduates of our Intro to Radio Journalism Workshop are spending the spring with KUOW, and gaining advanced communications, audio production, and journalism skills.

  • caption: Eva Solorio (left) and her mom, Ana Iglesias, on Eva's 15th birthday. Eva is wearing a traditional dress from her mom’s home state, Jalisco, Mexico.

    Breaking the culture of silence: My eating disorder and my Mexican mother

    When RadioActive's Eva Solorio was in middle school, she developed an eating disorder. Her mom, Ana Iglesias, stepped up to support her. And as Ana and Eva learned more about eating disorders, they confronted their own family's stigma against seeking care for mental health.

  • caption: Row 1: Khassim Diakhate, Kemijah Slaughter, Adrian Guerra, Najuma Abadir, and Lily Turner. Row 2: Ramell Beecher, Alayna Ly, Colin Yuen, Rahmah Abdulazeez, and Leila M’baye. Row 3: Zana Stewart, Josie Gonzalez, Muhammad Tunkara, Eva Solorio, and Jennifer Nguyen.

    Meet KUOW's summer 2021 RadioActive youth producers

    KUOW's RadioActive Youth Media is proud to offer our 18th annual summer introductory workshop for teens. In our second all-virtual workshop, fifteen teens, aged 15-18, will spend four weeks learning about radio journalism and audio storytelling.