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Eriberto Saavedra Felix


  • caption: Eriberto Saavedra Felix (right) and his teacher and mentor, Reid Sunblad, attend a Seahawks game — even though Eriberto is a 49ers fan.

    Being vulnerable doesn't make me less of a man. Los Siete taught me that

    When I was twelve years old, I was always trying to get away from my family. Soccer was my escape. But when I didn’t have soccer, I was in my room with my door closed. I never talked to my mom. I didn’t have a close relationship with my sister, and I didn’t talk to my dad because he never seemed interested in talking to me. That’s what I thought it meant to be a man: to be silent and not show any weakness. I felt isolated. Then, in 7th grade, I met my physical education teacher, Reid Sundblad.