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  • caption: People gather for a group photo on the steps of the Lambert House in Seattle, Washington.

    How the Lambert House found a new life online during the pandemic

    The Lambert House in Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood is a place where LGBTQ youth can find community, belonging, and support. It's been around for more than 30 years, but it shut down at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. During the pandemic, Lambert House found a new life online. Their programs reached more youth than ever before. RadioActive's Ada Walther takes us into the Lambert House and introduces us to someone who found a home there.

  • caption: An illustration of a teenage girl surrounded by illustrations of a uterus, a condom, a packet of birth control pills, and an IUD.

    Changes are coming to Seattle Public Schools' sex education courses

    High school students in Seattle Public Schools are taught sex education once, in ninth grade health class. RadioActive's Lily Turner recently graduated from Nathan Hale High School, where she saw the lack of sex ed throughout high school cause confusion and misinformation among her classmates. But all this is about to change.

  • caption: A photo collage containing a mural painted by Y-WE participants in the summer of 2020 (left), a portrait of Aya Zouhri smiling among sunflowers in Auburn, Washington on August 12, 2022 (top right), and a portrait of Fatema Metawally in the Quad at the University of Washington in April 2023.

    Y-WE is a youth space for joy, support, and combatting injustice

    Young Women Empowered, also known as Y-WE, is a youth development organization that’s been around for about 10 years. Their mission is to cultivate the power of diverse young people to be leaders and changemakers. RadioActive’s Sadeen Al Ziyad has more about how Y-WE uplifts youth, especially youth of color, through programs that offer skill-building, joy, and a sense of belonging.

  • caption: Ari Whidbey playing a broom like a guitar onstage before a Rhapsody Project event at the Black and Tan Hall in Seattle, on March 5th, 2023.

    ‘Weirdos who play music together’: The importance of ‘third places’ during the pandemic

    It’s easy to slip into a cycle of going to work or school and then coming home, day after day. You might feel the need for another place to go, to get away from that routine. But during the pandemic lockdown, there were suddenly a lot fewer of these ‘third places.’ RadioActive’s Gideon Hall looked at one of his ‘third places’ – a Seattle music organization – and how they’re coming back from being online.

  • caption: A photo of Amadou Gaye (right), May Gueye (middle) and Idrissa Gaye (left) at an amusement park in Dakar, Senegal, in 2011.

    The best of both cultures: How one teen embraces his Senegalese-American identity

    For many first-generation Americans, it can be hard to balance multiple cultures. Amadou Gaye was the first member of his Senegalese family to be born in the United States. Growing up, his mom stressed the importance of prioritizing his education while maintaining a connection to his Senegalese heritage. RadioActive’s Idrissa Gaye has this story about what he learned from his older brother.

  • caption: One of Mokihana Melendez’ hula students gives another student a piggyback ride after enjoying class together on Feb. 26, 2023.

    How one kumu keeps her hula lineage

    When you think of hula, you might picture dances you’ve seen in Disney movies, or on a summer trip to Hawaiʻi. But that’s just scratching the surface of what hula is. There’s so much more. And RadioActive Youth Media’s Terina Papatu is here to show you.

  • caption: Winona Hollins-Hague and Maya Angelou together during an Odessa Brown patient's monumental sickle cell transplant, an operation carried out by both Odessa Brown Clinic and Fred Hutchinson. Year unknown.

    The legacy of the Odessa Brown Clinic

    Growing up, RadioActive's Indigo Mays loved going to the doctor’s office. She went to the Odessa Brown Children’s Clinic in the Central District. But that location has been closed for more than a year. Now, Mays explores the history, recent controversy, and legacy of the Odessa Brown Clinic.