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caption: Vanna White has been a presenter on Wheel of Fortune for nearly 40 years.
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Vanna White has been a presenter on Wheel of Fortune for nearly 40 years.

Would you like to buy a vowel?

Pat and Vanna (metaphorically) come to town. This week’s talk with the King County Executive. Why controlled burns might be the way forward to stave off wildfire. And a teary but fond farewell to The Record’s leading lady, Supervising Producer Alison Bruzek.

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Wheel of Fortune, meet Phinney Ridge

If you grew up watching Wheel of Fortune, “R-S-T-L-N-E” is not an unfamiliar refrain. One Seattle woman achieved her bucket list wish to hear it in person. Ann Bowden, who taped the show before the pandemic began, will finally have her day on the stage.

King County Executive Dow Constantine 9.1

Use of force review is back in the news after revelations of racist and offensive social media posts from a corrections officer. An Office of Law Enforcement Oversight report also released today concluded that the King County Sheriff’s department acted improperly after an officer shot and killed Tommy Le. Marcie Sillman spoke with County Executive Dow Constantine about it.

Colville Tribes controlled burns

It seems counterintuitive: set a fire to avoid a fire starting. But controlled burns are a forest management practice used in many parts of the world, including on the Colville Reservation. And as the West Coast sees stronger fires from Vancouver to Los Angeles, it might be time to return to practices that work. Cody Desautel is Natural Resource Director for the Colville Tribes.

So long, Boss Lady Alison

Supervising Producer Alison Bruzek has been a titan of our show since she joined it nearly two and a half years ago. Now she’s heading cross country to run things at the New York Times Opinion’s audio shop. But there are some things you probably don’t know about our fearless leader – so Record staff called in to give you a peek behind the scenes.