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caption: Clearly not women's pants.
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Clearly not women's pants.

Women’s pockets are garbage

Men get decent pockets that are attached to their pants. Women get… an $11 billion purse industry. Totally fair, except not at all.

Anyone who has ever done the “thanks, it has pockets!” twirl already knows. For those who don’t: when women’s garments get pockets at all, usually they are terrible. Anecdotally, this is not a secret. But data visualizers Jan Diehm and Amber Thomas brought receipts. Marcie Sillman sat down with Amber to commiserate and explain.

Robert Hand is Washington state’s new teacher of the year. The instructor of Family and Consumer Sciences (which older listeners may know as Home Ec) said he cried at his desk when he learned that he’d won. He shared with us what he hopes students learn in his classes.

Stressed, sick orca J50 hasn’t been seen in several days. The conversation around whether to capture her or leave her alone might be irrelevant – some experts now believe she might be dead. Lynda Mapes of the Seattle Times has been following the story.

Painter David Haughton latest series is sparking conversations inside and outside the art world. It’s an artist’s dream. Except that the conversations are also coming from his fellow artists, protesting his work. The exhibit is called “Angry White Men,” and it’s causing a stir at Seattle’s Gallery 110. Haughton was joined by local artist and publisher Aidan Fitzgerald.