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caption: (L to R) NPR reporters Mary Louise Kelly, Tamara Keith and Ayesha Rascoe 
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(L to R) NPR reporters Mary Louise Kelly, Tamara Keith and Ayesha Rascoe
Credit: Courtesy of NPR

What’s in store in the coming election? NPR reporters help us look ahead

The results of the election in November will reflect a major confluence of events and trends. To name a few: the Covid-19 pandemic impact and response; the nationwide protests against systematic racism and police brutality; and the state of our economy, our health care system, and our partisan political divide.

As always, KUOW is exploring ways to help our listeners stay informed about these issues. In June, we presented a series of conversations called Inside 2020. It featured NPR reporters you likely know well. In this episode of Speakers Forum, you’ll hear excerpts from the series. The conversations touch on local and national political reporting in 2020, what may be in store in November, and how the pandemic is changing newsrooms.

First up, NPR’s All Things Considered co-host Mary Louise Kelly chats with KUOW’s ATC host Kim Malcolm. Next, you’ll hear from NPR’s White House correspondent Tamara Keith, in conversation with KUOW’s Seattle Now host Patricia Murphy. And finally, we’ll present a conversation with NPR’s White House breaking news reporter Ayesha Rascoe. She was interviewed by KUOW’s Northwest News Network reporter Austin Jenkins.

To hear the full conversations, here’s a link to KUOW’s YouTube page